ENSOL 5000
   Waste water
   H2S methanol 




 Grease traps located at waste water IMG_Industry_FOG.pngtreatment facil i  ties and other areas are designed to capture F.O.G. ( Fats, oils and grease ) from incoming sewage.  Grease traps are probably the worst side of waste treatment as they are messy, gives off really bad odour and are quite hazardous.

F.O.G. keeps building up in these traps until it reaches a point at which the traps need to be emptied. This is usually done mechanically.

Treating the grease by spraying it with ENSOL 5000 will allow you to control the thickness of grease in your trap. This means you will not have to have your trap emptied and you will easily be able to deal with excess grease input.

F.O.G. also creates another problem in waste water systems. It builds up on the walls of waste water systems over time, eventually restricting flow or blocking pipes completely. 

Treating sewage with ENSOL 5000 will also drastically reduce the amount of F.O.G. coating surfaces inside waste water systems.

ENSOL works to reduce F.O.G. by providing an ideal environment for bacteria on the F.O.G., therefore hugely stimulating bacterial growth. The bacteria then aerobically digest the F.O.G. at an amazing pace.