Diesel in Water tank     

Removes diesel odour and taste from contaminated water tanks.


   - 1L Bottle                  
    - 2 Doses for 80-100L water tanks          


INSTRUCTIONS                         TEST DATA

(FOR 80-100L tanks)

NOTE: If you have put diesel in your main water tank but have not pumped diesel through the system in any way, disconnect the tank outlet if possible and restrict cleaning to the tank only.

1. Drain / flush out water tank and if required, hose and or pump out as much of the contaminated water from the system as possible. Don’t forget the hot water system.

2. Fill the main water tank with a mixture of hot water, a non-toxic detergent such as washing up liquid & about 150ml of methylated spirits.

3. If required, flush entire system until you empty the tank.

4. Add 500ml of product to the water tank, completely fill the tank with water and leave overnight.

5. If required, flush entire system until you empty the tank.

6. There should be no diesel taste or odour. If diesel residue still remains repeat from step 3. 

NOTE: It is advised that after treatment you have the water quality tested by an appropriate lab.